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crossfit observation #2

I finished my fourth and final freebie class at First City CrossFit yesterday. I think I'm in love. ❤ I wrote about the first observation from an earlier class last week and I observed something else yesterday. Here's the story: So when the coach tells me to put 10 pounds on my barbell, he doesn’t… Continue reading crossfit observation #2

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curve balls, monkey wrenches and rugs.

It's funny sometimes how life throws us curve balls...or monkey wrenches...or maybe the rug is jerked out from underneath us. It's sometimes very strange. What's also odd is the timing and then even more interesting is how we react to those balls, monkey wrenches and rugs. I find that I react differently to the ball… Continue reading curve balls, monkey wrenches and rugs.

Jesus, please fix me, life lived well, self care & self love


It might seem like all I've done so far this year is hold babies and make friends with dogs and drink a lot of coffee. That's if you look at my Instagram feed. I suppose, though, if you looked over the past three months as a whole, you would see that I have experienced many… Continue reading part.of.the.process

Jesus, please fix me, life lived well, self care & self love, stories

it’s all about the process.

There are days where I can't seem to string a spoken sentence together, let alone a written one. Today is not one of those days, so here I am, needing to say something, but I'm not sure what it is exactly that I need to say. Oh! Let me tell you about this! I know… Continue reading it’s all about the process.

Jesus, please fix me, life lived well, stories

If you and I were sitting across the table from each other, you with your hot beverage of choice and me with my Americano, here's what I would say.... I find it difficult to believe that I have been at my current place of employment for 12 years. It certainly doesn't seem like it. Also,… Continue reading