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me + anxiety + coping mechanisms.

Photo by Pixabay on I am struggling with anxiety. I want to say that it's not too bad and that I'm fine. And it's true. It's not that bad. But I'm not fine. My anxiety shows up in ways that it won't for others and my coping mechanisms are different than others, so while… Continue reading me + anxiety + coping mechanisms.



I have always struggled with giving because I have always associated it with money. Because I have always thought that giving is always and only ever financial, and I don’t have a lot of money to give, then I am useless to God, that I never can give enough of my time, my words, or… Continue reading giving.

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konmari and me…a continuation and other stuff.

I recently wrote about the KonMari method {read about that here} and today I want to rescind what I said about my socks and undies. I folded my socks and undies her way today and y'all...y'all. It's. So. Much. Better. I'd show you a picture, but no one needs to see my underwear drawer. Something… Continue reading konmari and me…a continuation and other stuff.

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where does your soul breathe?

Colorado mountains I saw someone post something on Instagram some time ago about the mountains in Montana. She said, "So when work brought me to Billings, {a city I've never gotten to explore, despite coming to Montana many times}, I should have known my heart was going to be able to exhale in a way… Continue reading where does your soul breathe?