sometimes all i want is to listen i don't want to talk i want you to talk about what i don't care as long as it's not mundane i just don't want to be lonely with my thoughts some of that is healthy that lonely with my thoughts thing too much is not i need... Continue Reading →



I've always been in the habit of giving my self a complete overhaul when I felt the need for change. I had the "go big or go home" and "no pain no gain" mentality and I would make so many changes in a very short amount of time that none of the changes I made... Continue Reading →


I've wanted to start compiling a list of things that make my heart go pitterpat and I've wanted to share it here for you so your heart can go pitterpat too. As they say, there's no time like the present, so I'm starting today with my list! The village of Tiébélé in Burkina Faso. We... Continue Reading →


A lot of times we look at someone who becomes something great and we think it's instant and we always wonder how they got to that point and 100% of the time there's no such thing as an instant success. When you hear the backstory, it's called pain. ~ Brian Johnson Sometimes it takes me... Continue Reading →


Every time I hear the word "symbolism," I think of the above scene in The Boondock Saints, which makes me think of Ireland, which makes me think of Claddagh rings. I've always had a thing for Claddagh rings and their symbolism. I've always admired that the crown, hands, and heart stand for loyalty, friendship, and love,... Continue Reading →


I spent most of my Christmas couch-ridden, coughing, sniffling, and generally sounding like I smoked a pack a day for at least 20 years. I did take my kiddo and my dog to San Diego, but we didn't get to see much of the area because I had the energy level of a sloth and... Continue Reading →

~ boyfriend brownies ~

Everyone likes their brownies in a certain way. I like my brownies thick, dense and fudgy and I like the center pieces the best. I found the perfect recipe that caters to those who like their brownies the way that I do...with this recipe, I'll even eat the edge pieces. That's saying a lot because... Continue Reading →

~ guinness cake ~

I've been making this cake for a few years {original recipe found here} and it's still my favorite chocolate cake. If I take dessert to a function, it's usually this. I want to share the love with you all this holiday season and one of the ways I do that is by sharing food. Since... Continue Reading →


From my seat at the kitchen table, I can see what used to be a harvest moon slowly rising its way above my patio wall. It's a harvest moon no longer, but it glows big and bright through the window. My patio, that I never use because it's constantly in the shade. My patio, that... Continue Reading →

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