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I gave the blog a bit of a face lift and I have to say that I really enjoyed the creative process of creating a new header. Layering all the layers in Photoshop and finding just the right coffee stain vector and creating something just for the sake of seeing if I could do it…it was an enjoyable process.

Most of my creative energy is spent coming up with witty and catching subject lines during the week so by the time the weekend rolls around, my creative juices need a breather. However, I am finding that I need the time to play around with images in Photoshop or doodle in my Bible or write in my journal. It helps me recharge and decompress.

Over the weekend, I pulled out my colored pencils and my Bible and started doodling. Note that the left side of the page in the photo below is not my doodling {that came with the Bible}. It was just so relaxing to see what I could come up with if I sat down and thought about it…if I actually had the patience and took the time to go through the process.


Patience and I have never been good friends, but we’re learning to tolerate one another. Rather, I’m learning to tolerate and even welcome patience. I am slowly learning the art of waiting and it’s been a struggle.

Doodling in my Bible or my journal is something that requires patience for me and it’s a process that I am learning to enjoy. I clear off the kitchen table, get out my colored pencils, pencil sharpener and eraser. I make a cup of tea or a cup of coffee and put on some music. I put on comfy clothes and my house slippers and maybe light a candle. And then, I sit and I read a few passages and maybe have a look at some of my favorite Bible journaling IG accounts and see what my brain comes up with to doodle.

I love seeing what other people draw in their Bibles…I am not {and honestly don’t want to be} as good as they are at drawing, but I do love what they do. Here are a few of my favorites:

Those are probably a handful of my favorites. There are tons of resources out there and it’s easy for me to get overwhelmed by them all. Don’t even get me started on all of the resources. If you’re interested, Illustrated Faith is the mecca of all things Bible journaling.

I tend to keep it simple with colored pencils and washi tape and I make it a point to not color over the words because I like being able to still read my Bible when I’m done coloring on a page.

Anyway…all this to say that I’m really enjoying being creative and much like how I discovered that taking a bath {read about that here} can be a relaxing experience, I’ve realized that it’s okay to take care of myself by creating something fun and exciting and new. I’ve also been learning to let it be imperfect, and that has been so freeing. Here’s what I came up with the other day:


This took me all of about 20 minutes, but it was the most relaxing 20 minutes of my Saturday 🙂 I’m looking forward to more creativity in my life and I’m so excited!

Question: Do you draw/doodle/sketch in your Bible? Why or why not? If you do, what are your favorite supplies?


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