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music monday – the harvest bashta version.

I came across this album on a podcast a few weeks ago and I can’t quit listening to it. I can’t profess to be any type of proficient reviewer of albums or music, but I definitely want to share this album, and my thoughts around it, with you. For a little more information, listen to Harvest talk about the inspiration for this album on the That Sounds Fun podcast with Annie F. Downs.

This song made me want to read Revelation, specifically chapter 11. Her inspiration for this song came from that chapter.

I think…the thing that gets me the most about this album is that the lyrics are so raw…there’s nothing halfway about the words, the arrangement, the feeling the whole thing imparts to me.

Fall Down is a song that reminds me that it’s okay to expect God to move, it’s okay for me to expect Him to answer prayers. It’s okay to spend the time expectantly and hopefully waiting for Him. It’s okay to wait for Him to meet me.

I will make way I will not move
Until I encounter You
Come have Your way here in this room
Until I encounter You

Pursuit follows directly behind it and this gets me every time:

I’m pressing into You so do not pass me by
I’m breaking through the boundaries
I will not be denied

For me, it seems like the whole album is such an honest conversation with the Lord about who He is and who we are. I love it and it’s an album I know I will listen to on a regular basis. I can’t wait to see what Harvest comes up with next!


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