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learnings thus far.

I wrote this four years ago. It still holds true, though I struggle with so much of it. Maybe there are things in there you can relate to as well.


I’m grateful tonight for the crappy days that come around every so often because they remind me that the good days should be appreciated more and the crappy days should be too. Each has something to teach me – I just have to be aware enough to learn. Here are a few things I’ve learned:

Eyes up, head on a swivel, don’t let the bastards drag you down. Walk the fields, do the laundry, drink the tea. Always think before you move. Taste your words before you say them out loud. Enjoy enjoy enjoy find the joy. Dig and press and find it and don’t take no for an answer. Joy is always there, sometimes all up in your face, sometimes hanging back in the shadows, waiting for you to make eye contact.

Explore everything, observe too. Don’t believe everything you hear, see or read. Do your own research. Go on adventures, some big, some small. Say yes. Read. Write. Try and try again. Love. Have healthy boundaries – it’s ok, you need those to survive and thrive and be who you are.

Above all, grant yourself as much grace as you give others. Walk softly with yourself.

And that’s only a piece of what I’ve learned in my three decades of life. May there be many more learning adventures, keeping my mind active and my heart full to the brim.


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