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hike: fort ord national monument – engineer canyon + oil well loop.

It's not very often that I get to see my friend, Elena. So, when we were able to make plans for a late afternoon weekday hike, I was thrilled. We planned to meet at the Fort Ord National Monument Creekside entrance. This was not an area I had explored before, so I was excited for… Continue reading hike: fort ord national monument – engineer canyon + oil well loop.

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two years.

Photo by Free Photos.cc on Pexels.com Today marks this blog's two year anniversary. It all started with this post. Yay! Over the last two years, I have blogged about my struggles, my joys, and the things that made me go "meh." Today I perused a few of those early posts and my, how much I… Continue reading two years.

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hike: toro park – east ridge trail.

Hiking is one of my favorite ways to unwind on the weekends and I wanted to share my adventures with you. Here's the hike I did with a group of friends on Saturday! traditional pre-hike photo, graciously taken by the park attendant Hike Details Toro County ParkHours - 8am to 6pm in March - time… Continue reading hike: toro park – east ridge trail.

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goals…or the lack thereof.

I just bought a planner and to be honest, it's not the planner I had envisioned it to be. Amazon's description of it was accurate, it just has more features than I had anticipated. It has sections for a life statement, a vision statement, emotional vibrations and affirmations, and thing of all dreadful things...goal setting.… Continue reading goals…or the lack thereof.

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music monday – listenings lately.

I've been on a Dermot Kennedy kick lately. There's just something about his voice, the story in his lyrics, the arrangement. Just something that is stirring and beautiful and heart-wrenching and hope-filled. I've had his stuff on repeat for the last few days and it helps me feel all the feels somehow. I hope you… Continue reading music monday – listenings lately.