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fun finds.

I've started compiling a list of things that make my heart go pitterpat and I want to share it here for you so your heart can go pitterpat too. As they say, there's no time like the present, so here's my list! The beautiful horses of Iceland. You know, I can't do one of these… Continue reading fun finds.

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untightly wound.

I don’t do selfies very often. But, I need to share. Today I changed my IG handle from my first and middle names to untightlywound. I am on a quest to not be so tightly wound, hence the new handle. My face and my shallow breath show just how tightly wound I am. I… Continue reading untightly wound.

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music monday – the foreign language edition.

I'm not sure why Monday's get such a bad rap...or is it wrap...I think it's rap.'s a little joy for your Monday. May your Monday be joyful, blessed, and exciting, even if you're at work 🙂 UCD Choral Scholars / Mo Ghille Mear Alex Boyé, BYI Men's Chorus & Philharmonic, Christopher Tin /… Continue reading music monday – the foreign language edition.