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dancing toward God.

"Life is a dance toward God, I begin to think. And the dance is not so graceful as we might want. While we glide & swing our practiced sway, God crowds our feet, bumps our toes & scuffs our shoes. So we learn to dance with the One who made us. And it's a difficult… Continue reading dancing toward God.

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music monday – the harvest bashta version.

I came across this album on a podcast a few weeks ago and I can't quit listening to it. I can't profess to be any type of proficient reviewer of albums or music, but I definitely want to share this album, and my thoughts around it, with you. For a little more information, listen to… Continue reading music monday – the harvest bashta version.

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curve balls, monkey wrenches and rugs.

It's funny sometimes how life throws us curve balls...or monkey wrenches...or maybe the rug is jerked out from underneath us. It's sometimes very strange. What's also odd is the timing and then even more interesting is how we react to those balls, monkey wrenches and rugs. I find that I react differently to the ball… Continue reading curve balls, monkey wrenches and rugs.