I am a big fan of giving and receiving homemade or handmade gifts. I would rather have a jar of homemade pickled beets or a handmade notebook or something of that ilk than a store-bought present. So, when my son brought this home for me from school yesterday, I gushed effusively. It is a beautiful… Continue reading homemade.

life lived well


Lately, conversations with my son have been peppered with words like, "conflict resolution skills," "manipulation," and "codependency." As you can imagine, these are not fun conversations, but they are very much necessary. When he was young, I made a decision to always be in the talk about everything under the sun, but keep his maturity level… Continue reading through.

life lived well

graduation promotion whatever.

My kiddo has graduated...though here it's called a promotion, but whatever...from 8th grade and will head to high school in August. I can't believe how fast the last 14 years have flown. I consistently embarrass him by dancing up and down the grocery store aisles. We have regular conversations that involve deep, complex issues in… Continue reading graduation promotion whatever.