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two years.

Photo by Free on Today marks this blog's two year anniversary. It all started with this post. Yay! Over the last two years, I have blogged about my struggles, my joys, and the things that made me go "meh." Today I perused a few of those early posts and my, how much I… Continue reading two years.

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goals…or the lack thereof.

I just bought a planner and to be honest, it's not the planner I had envisioned it to be. Amazon's description of it was accurate, it just has more features than I had anticipated. It has sections for a life statement, a vision statement, emotional vibrations and affirmations, and thing of all dreadful things...goal setting.… Continue reading goals…or the lack thereof.

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me + anxiety + coping mechanisms.

Photo by Pixabay on I am struggling with anxiety. I want to say that it's not too bad and that I'm fine. And it's true. It's not that bad. But I'm not fine. My anxiety shows up in ways that it won't for others and my coping mechanisms are different than others, so while… Continue reading me + anxiety + coping mechanisms.