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where does your soul breathe?

Colorado mountains I saw someone post something on Instagram some time ago about the mountains in Montana. She said, "So when work brought me to Billings, {a city I've never gotten to explore, despite coming to Montana many times}, I should have known my heart was going to be able to exhale in a way… Continue reading where does your soul breathe?

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i’m here!

Let's see. August. That was the last time I was here in this space. My, my, a lot of life has been lived since then. Rather than recap my life for the last five months for you, I'm going to pretend that you and I are the type of friends who can pick up right… Continue reading i’m here!

Jesus, please fix me, life lived well

what a crisis can do.

I always want to put an 'h' in crisis. I'm not sure why. That's irrelevant and is just a passing observation. Right now, I have no filter. It's no secret that I've been through a few crises in my life. From what I've experienced, I've realized that a crisis can either tear relationships apart or… Continue reading what a crisis can do.

Jesus, please fix me, life lived well, self care & self love

part of the process.

It might seem like all I've done so far this year is hold babies and make friends with dogs and drink a lot of coffee. That's if you look at my Instagram feed. I suppose, though, if you looked over the past three months as a whole, you would see that I have experienced many… Continue reading part of the process.

Jesus, please fix me, life lived well

struggle bus.

I'll be completely transparent. The holidays were hard and I'm still trying to put the struggle into words. I tend to get a little homesick from the end of October through the first half of January most years, but this year was different somehow. The holidays were a combination of me missing my family and… Continue reading struggle bus.

Jesus, please fix me, life lived well, purpose, self care & self love

what have you.

A lot of times we look at someone who becomes something great and we think it's instant and we always wonder how they got to that point and 100% of the time there's no such thing as an instant success. When you hear the backstory, it's called pain. ~ Brian Johnson Sometimes it takes me… Continue reading what have you.