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ongoing grief.

what might have been, isn't possible. what could have been, won't be. what should have been, can't be. what I wanted is no longer possible. the way it was will never be again. That might sound fatalistic and pessimistic to you. Maybe it is, but I'm okay with it. I am normally annoyingly optimistic, but… Continue reading ongoing grief.


grief shared.

I am a Lyft driver on the weekends and here is a story. I picked them up near the ocean. A father and son. The father didn’t move fast because his joints just wouldn’t let him. He had barely creaked himself into a sitting position into the backseat of my car before he had shared… Continue reading grief shared.

life lived well, self care & self love

embrace learn explore live.

I'd like to think I'm past the "embrace" stage. And maybe I'm on to the "learn" stage. The funny thing about grief, no matter what kind of grief, is that there's always something new to embrace, new to learn, new to explore, and new to live. It's also kind of funny how my wine glasses… Continue reading embrace learn explore live.